Tips to help you save battery life

Life is very much unexpected and we may face many issues with our mobile phone in our daily busy life. Here are the few tips that can eventually save your battery life for rocking your day. According to Apple, iPhones, and iPads should be kept in temperatures ranging from 0° C to 35° C. Outside of that operating temperature range, your device may experience shortened battery life, touchscreen issues, and trouble charging. In extreme cases, the device may even shut down altogether.

1. Use Your Perfect Charger

Never use a duplicated or replicated charger for charging your phone’s battery. Always use the original charger to avoid extreme faults with your phone’s battery.

2. While you were sleeping

Many of us are in the habit of leaving our phones plugged in overnight so that we can wake up to a nice fully-charged device. However, li-ions don’t very much like hanging around at 100%. It’s probably like the bloated feeling you get after a huge meal, only your phone’s stuck with it for eight hours until you bother to unplug it. Not a great idea for maximizing the battery life of a new phone!

Also, beware of overheating while charging overnight if you use a case for your phone, consider removing it. As your phone heats up, the case can act as an insulator.

3. is Fast charging options are safe?

Fast charging, like that offered by Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging and USB-C, provides incredible convenience. It’s hard to resist a fully-charged phone in minutes rather than, like, tens of minutes. (We are perhaps a little spoiled by modern technology.)

Newer phones and high-quality chargers are very good communicators with regard to delivering an appropriate voltage level, but there remains some debate about how good it is for your battery in the long run. Fast-charging wasn’t initially designed for 0 to 100% charging but rather for quick top-ups. Over longer charge cycles, it has the potential to overheat your battery. In battery terms, heat = damage to long-term sustainability.


Your new phone will probably be seeing a lot of use, but if you happen to be doing a tech cleanse or something, our experts recommend making sure your battery is at least half-charged if it’s going to be used for a long stretch. When you leave your battery completely dry it can potentially lose it’s the ability to hold any charge at all and it eventually turns up to be a nasty surprise for a new device.