No Mobile Repairs until the Air is Clear due to COVID-19 #Stayhome #keepitsafe

no phone repairs until lock down

There are no repair services providers throughout the country until the lockdown period.

Coronavirus hits Phone industry: Mobile Spare parts supply is disrupted in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: With the outbreak of coronavirus in China, Hyderabad’s   Mobile phone market in Abids and Secunderabad, which largely depend on spare parts from China, have taken a hit.

As all the mobile service sectors including Tutascreen largely depend on Jagdish Market in Abids and Gujrati Galli in Koti, For Purchasing Mobile Phone accessories and spare parts, Which Primarily are sourced from China.

We have some stock of Chinese spare parts, they would soon run out of stock. “We are facing shortage of spare parts. As some of these spare parts are expensive and are sold with high price’s in big showrooms, customers prefer to approach us for reasonable prices and convenient service.

Awesome service, very prompt in picking up the phone and delivering on time. I gave my iPhone 6 for broken screen and battery replacement. The price quote was very reasonable. Loved their service. I recommend them”. 

                                                                                                                              -Kiran Kadarla

The Cellphone market throughout the country is hit with supplies from China. is a online service platform with fast & convenient service, we belive in time is money, we save Time, Money & Energy. 

Due to this outbreak there is a complete stop of supplies and the prices are have gone up by 5x. We ran out of stock and our business is hit badly. Even after the lockdown is removed and the air is cleared there is high expectation in increase in the prices due to the high demand of spare’s, as the situation is unpredictable we cannot garuntee when the lockdown is removed, and when there is supply of spare’s, it might take couple of months, 6 months, or an year….. till then we are warning our customers to take special care of their mobile phone’s and don’t break them, Because if there is damage there is no repair until the air is cleared.

precautions to take during covid-19



Since we all are staying home there is a lesser chance of damaging the phone, but in the worst scenarios, do not keep the phone at high places, wet places, complex places(Do not Drop it, Scratch it, Slide it, Wet it, Throw it). Because this is a high time where we might lose the phone for a long time, and I can’t imagine without a phone during this lockdown.

In case of any solution’s or tips leave a comment or message us if your facing any minor problem’s with your phone, (Water Damages, Tips to save your battery life, Keep it safe from extreme weather condition’s usefull hack’s in emergency).

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