What happens to mobile’s in extreme weather conditions

With the new year in full effect, many people across the world have a few months of cold weather left. One of the most annoying things about the cold weather is how you have to change how you use your phone. Using your mobile device in cold weather is different from any other time of the year. Not only is it a hassle to take off your gloves to use, but the cold weather can have some negative effects on mobile phones and other devices. It’s not just old devices that are affected, even the iPhone X suffered in the cold – a serious pain for anyone using new tech. While Apple has since fixed the issue, the issue of cold weather is concerning for nearly all mobile users.


Why Is Cold so Detrimental to Mobile Phones?

It is largely because of the lithium-ion batteries that most modern cell phones use. Lithium-ion batteries suffer in extreme heat and cold and their capacity goes down by a huge margin. To make it worse, lithium-ion batteries also drain faster in the cold.

The first thing you should do when is your mobile in the cold is to keep it close to your body and hidden from the elements. Leaving it in your pocket or in your bag are two convenient options; especially if you need to keep your phone close by.

When you do take it out, make sure to only use it for a little bit and put it back in a warm place once you are done. The longer your phone is exposed to the cold, the higher the chances are for the battery to lose its charge. If it does shut off, warm up the phone a little bit first before attempting to turn it back on.

Using A Power Bank with Your Mobile Device In Cold Weather

A great way to combat the effects of the cold weather is to always be equipped with a power bank. But remember, power banks also use lithium-ion batteries so be sure to keep them somewhere warm, or else their battery will drain and you’ll be left completely without power. Luckily with a battery that is 4-6 times greater than a phone, power banks have more than enough power.

If your phone does die or shuts off, plug it into the power bank and put it in your jacket or pocket to warm up before you try to start it up again. A power bank may be weakened from the cold, but thankfully it still will provide a safety net if your phone runs into issues.

While winter is a beautiful time, frigid weather can greatly affect your smartphone use. Hopefully, next time you step out, you’re armed with a bit more information to keep your phone warm and toasty. Using a mobile device in cold weather can be annoying, but it’s not impossible.


Tips to Protect Your Phone Against the Cold


Although the effects of cold weather on your device are only temporary, we must prefer to keep devices working optimally at all times. Use these tips to keep your phone operating all winter long.

  • Keep the cell phone in your bag to shield it from inclement conditions.
  • If possible, keep the device in your pant or coat pocket. Your body heat can help the device stay within its operating range.
  • Use an insulated(recommended), thermal protection phone case.
  • Turn off your phone if you plan to spend an extended period of time in cold weather.
  • Wait to charge and restart your device until you’re within the recommended operating temperatures. Restarting the device immediately after it unexpectedly shuts off may cause more harm to your battery.
  • Do not leave your phone in your car overnight or for long periods of time.
  • Always keep a backup power source with you, especially in case of an emergency on icy roads.