iPhone X Battery Price in Hyderabad

iPhone X battery price in Hyderabad

Usually, iPhone X Battery Price in Hyderabad, Ranges from ₹2,500/- to ₹6,500/- depending upon the service provider & quality of the battery you choose. 

If you are looking to replace your iPhone X Battery in Hyderabad you can visit TutaScreen and ask for the latest price.

If the battery backup of your iPhone X has reduced drastically and the battery health is below 80%, It’s time to replace the battery of your iPhone X.

How to Check Battery Health?

To get your iPhone X Battery Repaired you have the following options in Hyderabad.

1. Authorized Service Center

2. Repair with TutaScreen.com

3. Repair at the nearest local shop

Note: It is always recommended to only install an original apple battery in your iPhone X. Original battery is only available at TutaScreen and Authorized Service Centers.

1. Authorized Service Center :

   If the device is under warranty, and there is no visible physical damage, then It’s recommended to visit the nearest Apple Authorized Service Center in Hyderabad.
In case your device is out of warranty you have to spend more money which is not recommended considering the age and value of your mobile.

Pros: You get an original apple battery, 3 months warranty, and professional service.

Cons: It would cost you approx. Rs.6,500/- (inc.18% GST) which is quite high considering its resale value.

Check the list of Authorized Apple Service Centers in Hyderabad.

2. Repair your Device with TutaScreen.com :

 In case, if your device is out of warranty, and you want to get it repaired, the best option is to get it repaired at TutaScreen. At TutaScreen you can book a repair online. TutaScreen.com is Hyderabad’s most Trusted and Affordable Mobile Repair Company.

Pros : You get an original Apple iPhone X battery at half the cost of the service center along with 3 months of warranty and professional service.

Upon placing the order the device is picked up from your doorstep and is returned within 24Hrs.

Cons: Once the device is opened by any other service provider except apple the warranty would become invalid but as the device is discontinued the warranty is already over for iPhone X.

Call 9858585111 to get your iPhone X battery repaired.
Or click here to contact TutaScreen.com

3. Repair at nearest local shop :

 In case if you are planning to sell your device, and you are fine with any cheap quality battery, then it would be recommended to visit any local repair shop around you.

Pros: You can get your iPhone X battery repaired at the cheapest price without much of traveling.

Cons: Unprofessional Service which may cause more damage to your device.

Cheap Quality Spare Parts that may not be compatible with your device and cause trouble post repair.

No Warranty on the repair service which makes it much of a lottery.

No proper invoice for the repair.

We hope all the information here was helpful, do call us at 9858585111 if you have any questions