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Your Family’s Phone Doctor.

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Smartphone Repair

Premium Quality

We believe in quality above price, that is why we give 30Days Warranty on our repairs.

Fast Service

We know your time is precious, why spend it on traveling to repair shop? We Pick your phone from your doorstep & return back to you within 6Hrs.

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Free Standby Smartphone

Life without your smartphone is difficult right? That is why we give you a standby smartphone for FREE until you get back your repaired smartphone.

Best Price

We work hard to provide you the best quality at the best price available in the market.

What They Say

How it works


Step 1:

Enter your phone’s model number.

Step 2:

Place the order and select the mode of payment

Step 3:

We collect your damaged smartphone from your doorstep and give you a FREE standby smartphone.

Step 4:

We return your repaired smartphone within 24hrs.


We are a Mobile Repair Company Registered by Ministry Of Coparate Affairs.
Upon placing the order we provide our customer’s with a FREE Standby Smartphone.

Enter your phone’s model no. in the search box and check its price to book a repair. OR Place a Call Back Request by filling the form.

Your phone is returned back to you within 24hrs.
( For Motherboard problem It May Take 48-76Hrs )

We’ll take complete care of data since we repair hardware, special care is taken to save or preserve data. Your data shall not be touched or seen, as per our company rules, if it is observed that the private data is disturbed serious action is taken and the culprit is brought into observation of the customer, legal action is taken

We give 30Days Warranty after the repair is done. If anything goes wrong, we fix it for free.

Request CallBack

Still using a cracked phone?? REPAIR NOW!!!